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Our Curriculum


  •  Welcome to the VKM International Junior School, where we believe in nurturing young minds and shaping them into global citizens. Established in 2008 by the Vari Educational Trust, our school has been committed to providing an exceptional education that transforms children's lives.


  •  Our latest addition, the VKM International Junior School, focuses on providing a solid foundation for your child's educational journey. Our kindergarten program is designed to ignite their curiosity and foster a love for learning. Through a carefully planned international syllabus, we enhance their language skills while promoting social and emotional development.


  •  At VKM, we understand the importance of early literacy skills. That's why we have implemented a phonics-based learning program for our young learners. By integrating phonics into our curriculum, we ensure that your child develops strong reading and language abilities from an early age.


  • STARTER - Age ( 3.5)

  • MOVER - Age ( 4.5)

  • FLYER - Age (5.5 )

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